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Rental Listing Program

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FAQ’s about our Listings Programs.

How does the DIY Program work?

They DIY Program is designed for that “Seasoned Seller”! This type of Seller has experience in Real Estate sales and understands the power of the MLS and the reach it provides. By paying a Flat Fee instead of the typical listing commission of 3% you can save thousands…IF you are an experienced Seller.

*This Program can easily be converted to a 1% Listing if needed.

Are there any upfront fees?

Only with the DIY Program. The fee is charged up front to place your home on the MLS.

*This Program can easily be converted to a 1% Listing if needed.

How will my home be marketed?

With the DIY Program, your home will be marketed to Prospective Buyer’s through the MLS, which automatically syndicates to hundreds of online search websites such as Realtor, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Homes and Redfin. This ‘Passive Marketing’ avenue is what all Agents/Brokerages use. If converted to our Full Service Programs, J.P. Taylor Real Estate practices ‘Active Marketing’! While the internet is the preferred method Buyer’s search for homes, we understand that some buyers may not be as active as others while searching but still have the same needs. That’s where being an ‘Active Marketing’ agency pays off! We aggressively search for Buyer’s as well.

*This Program can easily be converted to a 1% Listing if needed.

Which Listing Program is right for me?

The beauty of our programs is that they are designed with your personal needs in mind. There are many factors that determine this. A FREE In-Home Consultation is the best way to determine the appropriate package that is right for you!

What is usually discussed during a consultation?

1. The Purpose of the Sale – Do you NEED to sell or WANT to sell. Determining your motivation is an important piece of the conversation to have!

2. The Home Evaluation – The price you set on your home is important to insure you get your home SOLD. We do not advise our clients to merely LIST a home For Sale. The goal is to SELL your home!

3. The Listing Process – From List to Closing, what you can expect from the transaction.

4. What we do to help you!

*This Consultation typically takes on average 30 minutes of your time. There is No Obligation to use our services after this meeting.

How does the 1% Program work?

Our 1% Listing Program is a FULL SERVICE Listing! It works just like any other listing in that when you receive an offer, we will negotiate on your behalf, acting as your trusted advisor and manage the escrow process, inspections and closing. We provide you with the same services you’d receive with a 3% Listing, only with much better communication and care!

How does the 5% Program work?

This Program is the Enhanced version of the 1% Listing. With this program we feature advanced benefits that suit those homes that seek to maximize their Market Value and gain access to a Larger Buyer pool. Contact us today to discuss details!

What if my home doesn’t sell?

There is ZERO Cost to you if your home does not sell and there are no cancellation or termination fees.

*The DIY Program is an upfront Flat Fee Service that places your listing on the MLS for Upgraded Buyer Activity. This fee is non-refundable.

What about the Buyer’s Agents fees?

While the Seller(s) are responsible for the Buyer’s Agents fee/commission which is typically 3%, it not mandatory! The Seller always determines an appropriate Buyer Brokers Co-Op. This fee/commission comes out of the Seller(s) proceeds gained from the successful sale of the property.


*Our 1% Listing Program provides you with the same services you receive with a 3% Listing, only better communication and care!

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